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Accommodated Tours

Lakefield (Rinyirru) National Park Tour

The area around Musgrave and Lakefield National Park has an avifauna closer to the Northern Territory than that of the rainforests to the north and south. This is the best area to see the rare and endangered Golden-shouldered and a full supporting cast including Red Goshawk, Star Finch, Grass Owl and Tawny Frogmouth make this […]

Cape York Iron Range – Fly in Fly Out

For those with limited time or who want to go Wet Season birding in Iron Range a 4-5 day Fly In/Fly Out tour can be arranged.

The Gulf Country

This week long trip over to the towns of Normanton and Karumba on the Gulf of Carpentaria is an ideal add on to tour of the wet tropics and offers a completely different avifauna. While it is possible to fly or drive both ways. For most of our guided tours we offer a drive one […]

Outback Queensland

This 10 day tour takes you to the dry interior of western Queensland offers a good range of dry country species including three grasswrens! During the dry season when there is little standing water in the bush, the dry country birds are drawn to any water which is generally limited to the dams put in for cattle. It is […]

The Budgies of Boulia [13th – 16th October 2020]

 A short trip into the Outback of Western Queensland. During the dry season when there is little standing water in the bush, the dry country birds are drawn to the dams which have been put in for cattle. It is possible to see large flocks of parrots including Budgerigars, Little Corellas and Galahs and a […]
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A short trip out west over the Divide to the dry Outback cattle country around Georgetown.

Wet Tropics Birding Tour

With 14 local endemic birds and a great supporting cast of birds and other wildlife this area is a must for anyone with an interest in birds or natural history.
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Cape York Iron Range – Drive in Fly Out

Iron Range is one of the most famous birding sites in Australia. During the 7-day birding tour, we hope to  see all the New Guinea/Cape York specials including the Golden-shouldered Parrot and the stately Palm Cockatoo.
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