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About Us

Local People

We are local people. We live and work in the area.

Local Knowledge

 As long time Far North Queensland residents we know the importance of local knowledge. Our guides keep up to date with bird and animal movements, tides, local weather conditions and road closures.

Small Groups

We believe that when it comes to wildlife and nature, small groups are better.

About Us

Cassowary Tours operates out of Cassowary House, a bird and wildlife lodge sited entirely within the rainforest on the edge of the Tablelands above Cairns. We offer expert and experienced bird and wildlife gu ides for days and ½ days around the Cairns/Tablelands area and extended tours around all of Far North Queensland.

Our tour size rarely exceeds 6 participants and we welcome couples and individuals. We feel that bird and wildlife experiences are better with smaller groups especially in the rainforest where many of our tours take place.

While we offer some scheduled tours every year, most of our tours are run on request. You can use one of our ready made itineraries or, if you have a particular destination in mind and would like to work on a customised itinerary with us please let us know. We are happy to do this. If you would like us to advertise for other participants to accompany you on an accommodated tour, again this is something we are happy to do.

We can adjust our itineraries to suit particular interests such as photography, mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, herps or perhaps a target list of birds and we are as happy to take beginners and those with a general interest in nature as we are to take experienced birders with a hit list. Please note that for customised tours prices will vary depending what is required but the basic standard trip starts from about AU$550.00 a day.( See the customised tours page)

Please note that our costs are for 2 people. Please enquire about the special rates for children traveling with 2 adults.

Why not check out our regular guides. We also have a number of other people we can call on when times get really busy or for specialist expertise.